Persistent depressive disorder 

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Chronic depression, also known as dysthymia (dis-THIEm-uh), is a long-term (chronic) kind of depression that occurs over a lengthy period of time. It’s possible that you’ll lose interest in everyday tasks, feel despondent, and lack productivity, as well as a general sense of inadequacy. Your relationships, studies, jobs, and day-to-day activities may be adversely affected for months or even years as a result of these feelings.

Persistent depressive disorder
Persistent depressive disorder

Depression can make it difficult to be cheerful, even on the happiest of days. You may be labeled “gloomy,” “constantly whining,” or “incapable of having fun” if you suffer from the condition. Although major depression is more severe, your current state of depression may be mild, moderate, or severe if you have a persistent depressive disorder.

Depression symptoms can be difficult to deal with because of the long-term nature of the persistent depressive illness, but psychotherapy and medication can help.



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