Random act of kindness

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Acts of kindness

Our nation was plunged into a worldwide epidemic two years ago when it came together as one. There was no one except us and our family for months at a time.  Nevertheless, we’ve made it through. No question, it is a more powerful country. We’re reopening, and we’re all hoping it’s for good this time.

Random act of kindness
Random act of kindness

However, for many, the reopening of the nation is a terrifying reality. It’s nearly nerve-wracking to think of meeting new people at restaurants, parties, and stadiums. You’re not the only one who feels this way; you’re not alone! For others, the question of “do I know how to interact “normally”?” will become an obsession. Do I know how to shake hands with someone? “Covid-19” is the only word I can think of to start a discussion. In order to help us all acclimate, I’m urging everyone to do one random act of kindness a day. Regardless of how large. Whatever the size may be.

I was heading home from university one day, exhausted after a long and stressful day. I was exhausted and irritated, and all I wanted to do was go home. However, I had a long list of tasks to do. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting on the side of the road, a vehicle eventually came to a halt to allow me through.

After stopping to allow me to pass, she waved and gave me a thumbs-up as I could see she was singing her heart out in the front seat. When I saw this lady, I had no clue who she was, but I couldn’t help but laugh and grin back at her. My day just got better from there on out.

A few months later, I still grin when I think of this moment. The act of kindness made me pleased, even if it didn’t alleviate the mound of homework I had still to do or any of my other ‘to-dos.’ It made me realize how much impact a little deed can have on your day.

As to how this relates to Covid-19, you may wonder. It’s not difficult at all. Our lives have been completely taken over by this virus, and now that the limits have been removed like a band-aid, I get the impression that we are feeling a little dazed by the newfound freedom. Anger, sadness, and other negative emotions may have a negative influence on everything we do.

Pre-pandemic manners are something we’ve nearly forgotten (I know I have). We have a hard time remembering what life was like before. It’s too much to handle. It’s unnerving. An exhilarating experience awaits. Because it affects our emotional well-being.

Our hearts may be made a bit lighter by just extending a hand of friendship. Be friendly to people you don’t know by flashing a smile. Allowing someone to cross the street safely requires you to slow down and offer them a wave. Pay for someone to have a cup of coffee or tea. Help someone out by getting them some food. The door may be opened to allow someone to enter.

Don’t throw away your parking ticket if it hasn’t run out yet. Make sure your loved ones are okay. It doesn’t have to be a massive show of affection. Neither a hefty price tag nor a lot of anxiety is required. In exchange for your time, I ask that you do something kind for someone else. As a result, people may leave with a more positive attitude.

This virus has robbed this nation terribly. As a result, we’ve been reminded of the strength of communal spirit, of goodwill, and of individuals. When you return to the outside world, don’t forget to spread a little kindness about it. For the simple reason that you never know what could happen. It’s possible that someone may write an essay about how your generosity inspired them and reassured them that everything will be OK.

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