4 Strategies to deal with rejection

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Strategies to deal with rejection

There are  the following 4 strategies to deal with rejection:

  1. Accept the pain and grieve for the loss.
  2.  Don’t make yourself feel guilty.
  3. Increase your resilience.
  4. Be consistent in putting yourself out there.
4 Strategies to deal with rejection
4 Strategies to deal with rejection

1. Accept the pain and grieve for the loss

The word “rejection” refers to the loss of someone or something you hoped to be able to. We often feel embarrassed or ashamed when we’re rejected and want to forget about it. Sometimes, this leads to the suppression of our emotions, or denying the pain, or even drinking or eating excessively to deal with the stress.

Grief is the process of feeling your emotions and not denying, smothering, or absconding with the pain. Journaling, crying, therapy, exercise, taking a walk as well as self-care, and making goodbye rituals are all good ways to help. Allow yourself to let your emotions flow and process. The length and severity of your sadness will be determined by what you’ve lost. It could be a matter of a few hours, or you might be grieving a significant loss for several months.

2. Don’t make yourself feel guilty.

It’s normal to want to understand the reason you were disqualified. In my experience, there aren’t always obvious reasons behind the rejection. In most cases, when we aren’t able to answer the question then we blame ourselves. we believe that we screwed and that we weren’t good enough, that we’re not loved or stupid, etc.

Keep in mind that you may be conditioned from a young age to believe you’re insignificant and that you’re responsible for being dismissed. These are the beliefs you are now able to reject. Being an adult means you’ll be more in a position to think about alternative theories, other reasons why you’re rejected. There is a myriad of reasons why people are rejected, and even the most beautiful, intelligent talented, well-educated, and appealing people are disqualified.

Sometimes it’s beneficial to look at your conduct and the way you portray yourself. However, that does not mean that rejection is because you’re doing something wrong. Sometimes, you aren’t offered that job due to the fact the boss chose to employ his niece, or your first date does not return your call because he is feeling uneasy. It’s not always about you. it’s not fair to blame yourself, or to take the blame for situations that were outside of your control, or to think that you were at fault.

3. Increase your resilience

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from setbacks. Psychology experts believe it’s a skill that can be learned. Things such as keeping an open mind and not focusing on all-or-nothing, looking for solutions and learning from your experiences, seeking out support while keeping the spirit of humor as well as recognizing your strengths, recognizing mistakes as essential steps to success, and engaging in self-care can help build resilience.

4. Be consistent in putting yourself out there

Artists and writers are renowned for their persistence despite being repeatedly rejected. One of the reasons they are able to achieve this is their attitude. They acknowledge that rejection is an inevitable part of the process. it’s required to be published or begin a new profession. Since they perceive that as normal and necessary they don’t feel a need to take it personally. Acceptance and the constant “putting yourself out to the world” can make rejection less painful. A mixture of grieving for the loss you feel after being rejected, and not believing that you are the one to blame and focusing on your strengths and resilience, and acknowledging that rejection is part of the normal experience helps you better manage rejection.




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