Fear of Rejection

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Fear of Rejection

The fear of being rejected is thought to have evolved as a tool of evolution to warn humans in the early days who were in danger of being excluded from the tribe to which they belonged. Rejection from other members within the tribe was likely to motivate the individual to change any behavior that was problematic in order to avoid exclusion or even ostracism by the tribal.

Fear of Rejection
Fear of Rejection

People who could avoid any further rejection would be more likely to live and thrive, whereas those who didn’t find the rejection particularly painful might not have changed the behavior that was causing them pain, which made them less likely they would live. This is because humans may have evolved to view rejection as a painful experience.

Many people today isolate themselves or are hesitant about engaging with others because they’re fearful of being disregarded. The fear of or the rejection process that triggers individuals to distance themselves from their friends and family members can cause constant feelings of isolation as well as depression. Although sensitivity to rejection can co-exist with other mental health disorders like Social anxiety, avoidant personality, or the borderline persona it isn’t an officially recognized diagnosis.

Rejection sensitivity is a common occurrence in the majority of people suffering from ADHD. The fear of being rejected can occur often in those who suffer from ADHD that some may refer to the condition as rejection-sensitive dysphoria. The most common symptoms of dysphoria sensitive to rejection in people with ADHD include self-criticism and anxiety in social settings and severe sadness following an apparent rejection.



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