Depression in Men and Women

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Depression in Men and Women

Depression can be twice as prevalent for women as it is for males. A majority of women experience at least one bout of depression in their lifetime. Researchers are investigating a myriad of reasons and females’ increased chance of suffering from depression.

Depression in Men and Women
Depression in Men and Women

Life cycle, biological hormones, and psychosocial factors that are unique to women could be a factor in the increased rate of depression in women. Researchers have demonstrated for instance, that hormones alter the brain’s chemistry, affecting mood and emotions.

In the early years of adolescence, girls, as well as boys, are affected by depression at around the same rate. However, as they grow older girls are more likely to suffer from depressive symptoms than males. Studies suggest a variety of causes for this disparity. The hormonal and biological changes that happen in puberty could be responsible for the rapid rise in rates of depression among adolescents. Furthermore, studies have suggested girls have a higher likelihood than males to suffer from depression when confronted with difficult situations or situations, which suggests they are more susceptible to developing depression.



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