Top 12 Tips to quit Cannabis

Top 12 Tips to quit Cannabis

Here in this post, we are providing ”Tips to quit cannabis’. You can discuss more your concerns about mental health in our community, and we will provide you tips and solutions in a short time. Keep visiting Mental Health.

Cannabis is used for industrial and medical purposes. But people also used it for enjoyment. Excessive use of cannabis causes various problems such as physical and psychological disorders. A person who wishes to get rid of its abuse should cut it off slowly. Suddenly cutting off cannabis leads to withdrawal symptoms.

Tips to Quit Cannabis Use
Tips to Quit Cannabis Use

Following are the tips for quitting cannabis use:

  1. Take a break
  2. Use different products of cannabis
  3. Use high-intensity cannabis
  4. Use a vaporizer
  5. Buy less cannabis
  6. Get rid of your cycle
  7. Deal with triggers
  8. Change your routine
  9. Adopt new hobby
  10. Motivation from your support group
  11. Seeking help for withdrawal symptoms
  12. Set realistic approach

Take a break

If you want to decrease tolerance stop using cannabis for few days or take a longer duration for its use. If one wants to increase the amount of the cannabis for desire effect. It is called tolerance. Tolerance level is increased by taking a higher amount of cannabis. Try to cut its use to reduce the tolerance level.

Use different products of cannabis

Cannabis abusers have tolerance for one product not for all. Try to use different products to break tolerance.

Use high-intensity cannabis

Use higher intensity cannabis products instead of low so that you will consume less.

Use a vaporizer

A good quality vaporizer is used to consume less amount of cannabis.

Buy less cannabis

Buy less so that you have low availability for a time. In this way, you will use less. If you buy the bulk of cannabis, you will use more.  

Get rid of your cycle

If you possess smoking things and a stash of weed you can never succeed to quit your habit.

Through it out so that you have no things available when you desire. You should prevent ready access. It will help you to slips up. When you are in the withdrawal phase.

Deal with triggers

Triggers have a strong effect on people who are quitting and using cannabis. When an individual quit cannabis certain cues trigger their desires.

Following are the triggers:

  • Difficulty in sleep
  • Workplace stress
  • Peer impact
  • Social media

Following are the activities one can perform while you are triggered includes:

  • Take a warm bath for better sleep quality
  • Watching your favorite things on Tv.
  • Call your love s one.
  • Go for a walk or make a plan for a tour.

Change your Routine

 Routine change can help you to quit cannabis. If you use cannabis in routine slightly change in routine helps you to stop cannabis use. For example, if individual use cannabis in the morning he/she replaced it with healthy activity such as

  • Exercise
  • Meditation

If a person uses cannabis in the evening, he/she try these activities to avoid use.

  • Book reading
  • Article writing
  • Eat something solid or liquid
  • Meditation

Changing habits is not easy. It takes time. If you fail to stick to your routine just keep confidence in yourself you will change your routine.

Adopt a new hobby

If an individual uses cannabis in his leisure time. He should adopt a new hobby e.g., visit any historical place, hang out with friends and gardening, etc. if you are bored with your old hobbies try new adventures hobbies like paragliding, mountain climbing, and sky diving.

Motivation from Support Group  

  • Support groups (friends, family) have an important role in quitting cannabis use.
  • Help you to distract by new things like hobbies
  • Encourage you for coping methods, meditation, and physical exercise.
  • Support you when you have heavy carving.
  • Support your quitting behavior so that you are more motivated to achieve your goal.

 Seek Help for withdrawal symptoms

Cannabis withdrawal symptoms are not common in everyone. If someone has these symptoms, he should seek help to avoid an uncomfortable situation. These symptoms may appear a day after stopping cannabis use or after 2 weeks. The following are the common withdrawal symptoms

  • Difficulty in sleep
  • Fever, sweats, and chills
  • Mood changes
  • Change in appetite
  • Headache
  • Anxiety & stress
  • Irritability

Severe withdrawal symptoms deal by health care providers but mild and moderate symptoms are themselves deal with by the cannabis user. Lifestyle modification helps them to avoid withdrawal symptoms such as

  • Practice deep breathing & relaxation techniques to overcome stress and anxiety.
  • Consume a large amount of water
  • Restrict the use of caffeine to enjoy better sleep.
  • Go for a morning walk.

Set realistic approach

 Suddenly, quitting cannabis use might be dangerous for a person who using excessively. It is more difficult to quit cannabis use suddenly because the success rate is low and the person may relapse. Slowly quitting cannabis use helps you to become more successful and avoid withdrawal symptoms. Following are the step you can follow to quit cannabis use:

  • Decide to quit date
  • Decide to taper off
  • Busy yourself
  • Seeking professional help

Decide to quit date

Plan a deadline date for yourself for months or weeks. This can help you to set a realistic approach. Planning a deadline date is set carefully. It is not too far or not too close because your motivational level changes and you are not able to quit.

Decide to taper off

If you want to cut cannabis use. Cut its use gradually. Decrease its use weekly or daily. Use as low as possible to achieve your desire intake. Switching to low-intensity products that cause low psychoactive effects can help you to cut off cannabis use.

Busy yourself

Keep yourself busy will help you to continue your routine after cutting back. Withdrawal symptoms will be avoided by keeping yourself busy.

Seeking professional help

Therapies will help you to developed new methods and habits. The therapist identifies your problem due to cannabis use. They support you to deal with your emotions.




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