8 Tips for finding joy in loneliness

Tips for finding joy in loneliness

Here in this post, we are providing ‘ Tips for finding joy in loneliness . You can discuss more your concerns about mental health in our community, and we will provide you with tips and solutions in a short time. Keep visiting Mental Health.


There are many ways to overcome loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic.  COVID-19 pandemic persists all over the world. Drawing happiness from loneliness is an important skill that is responsible for better wellbeing and mental health.

There are following ways through which introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts being able to feel comfortable with loneliness.

Tips for finding joy in loneliness
Tips for finding joy in loneliness


There are the following tips for extroverts for being comfortable with solitude

Talk with loved ones

Talking helps you to feel relax and happy. For an extrovert, they feel relax by talking about their problems. Spending time with your family or friend if you are feeling lonely helps your to find a solution. It gives you happiness and relaxes your mind.

By sharing and  expressing your feelings and emotions with your loved ones helps you to discover joy in loneliness

Self-care practice

Although extroverts mostly like social interactive over being alone they also get benefits from relaxation therapy such as mindfulness, sleep, and exercise.

  • Join an online workout class.
  • Restrict social media use and describe your social media accounts during meditation.
  • Practice meditation by walking outside.

Connecting with your loved one virtually is another means for extrovert self-care. Online interaction is not like face-to-face interaction but it provides you with a way of socialization. Video calls give you a source of happiness when you feel lonely. It helps you to interact with the people you are missing because of the lockdown situation.

Interaction with others and providing support to the people is another effective way to reduce the feelings of sadness and solitude

Adopt a pet of your choice

Pet is the source of happiness in a sad and lonely situation. They act as best friends for their owners.

According to researchers, extroverts are happier to adopt a dog as a pet. They are dog people.

Pets not only acts as a companion but they distract the attention during the sad situation.

Adopting a pet is a big responsibility. Before adopting any pet make sure that you have enough ability to take responsibility for any pet. Carefully think before adopting any pet.

Look at the alone time as a chance for growth

Loneliness gives a chance to extroverted people for self-analysis. Solitude is important for self-growth and development. It will help you to overcome sadness and feelings of solitude.

You can make your lonely time worthwhile and productive. It gives you productive and innovative ideas.


Practice gratitude

According to researches gratitude have a negative relationship with solitude. It means that if your show more gratitude you less likely to have feelings of loneliness. Try to practice more gratitude if you are feeling lonely. Gratitude helps you to reconnect.

Involve in creative activities

Introverts expressed their feelings through art such as painting, music, and writing.

Introverts should start creative projects. They should join online art classes and writing groups.

Introverts should write a letter to their loved ones instead of video calling. It is more comfortable for them because they don’t like to socialize more.

Adopting a pet

As introverts don’t like to be socialized more. They are more likely to spend their time with themselves. They enjoy their own company instead of others. They are happy with their pets. They love to spend their time with pets.

According to researches, introverts are cat people. They wanted to adopt a cat as a pet. Cats have qualities that are more appealing to introverts. Cats are independent and moody, but still, they provide happiness and companionship to their owner without any pressure of human interaction.

Before adopting a cat keep in mind that you have the ability to take care of the cat or not.

Avoid overthinking 

Stigma affects your mental health more. According to researches, the stigma of being alone has a negative impact as compared to actually being alone.

If you feel happy being alone that is a great thing. But don’t allow anyone to tell you that you should be alone just because of appreciation.


Ambiverts are in the middle of introverts and extroverts. For ambiverts, the previously mentioned tips are effective to apply.

Following are the strategies that are helpful to deal with loneliness

  • Avoid excessive use of social media and try to keep away from social media for one day.
  • Keep yourself close to nature.
  • Involve in physical activities more and more.
  • Making new plans for yourself after lockdown ends.
  • Always try to remain optimistic.



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